About Edan

EDAN - A business with family values.

The year 2009 saw Edan celebrate its 19th anniversary.

Founded by Audrey and Malcolm Lees, Edan has matured into a company which still maintains the same working philosophy today as it did 19 years ago. We care about the customer, we take great pride in our work and we are passionate about our reputation in the trade.

Audrey and Malcolm still have a vested interest in Edan but nowadays the operation of Edan is in the safe hands of their two sons, Andrew and Adrian. 

Edan has been built on quality, trust, service and personal attention to detail. We are extremely proud of the relationship we have with all our customers and those values will not be compromised and will always remain at the front of our agenda.

Year after year Edan has steadily expanded, we have invested where needed, invested at the right time and more importantly we have invested wisely. Communication with our customers is a top priority and by listening to their needs we can implement measures to help you win job after job.

And finally, we would like to thank you, the customer, for the tremendous support given to us over the years. Without you, Edan would not be in the position it is today - a healthy business with a bright long term future and rest assured we will continue to invest, continue to listen and continue to grow with you.



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