Silk, Matt, Gloss, Digital Laminate and Bio-degradable Laminate - We can offer you the whole package incorporating all sheet sizes from SRA4 to B1.

We operate TWO Hi-Speed Thermal laminating machines (both SRA4 - B1 capability) 

Thermal Lamination technology allows us to process jobs extremely quickly as little or no curing time is needed before the next finishing process. In effect, we could be Laminating, Die cutting, Guillotining and Gluing your job before the last sheet of that job has finished the lamination process.

In certain circumstances you could even start the finishing of a booklet before we finish Laminating the cover !


We only use the highest grade Lamination film available on the market. 


We will Laminate small run digital print to tens of thousands of sheets per job. Large or small we have the capacity to accomodate you.

Please click here to contact us regarding Lamination requirements.


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